Alternative Dispute

Doing business is risky, but Trabelsi Loeb Legal Consultants strive to minimize litigations' risks and assist individuals and businesses in resolving their disputes to reduce costly litigations.

Alternative Dispute Resolution is one of Trabelsi Loeb Consultants’ core practices. Our Highly experienced arbitration, mediators, negotiators, and settlement consultants are recognized as Alternative Dispute Resolution leaders. Trabelsi Loeb Legal Consultants’ Arbitration team has extensive experience in commercial, maritime, State-Investor, and construction arbitration under various arbitration rules. Trabelsi Loeb Legal Consultants’ Arbitration specialists assisted clients in their arbitrations’ proceedings under various civil and common law jurisdictions, as well as public international law. 

We guide our clients to settle their disputes through well-crafted strategies, starting with mediation and conciliation. Trabelsi Loeb Legal Consultants’ team assists clients with the enforcement of awards as they deal with challenges related to the execution of arbitral and judicial intermediary relief.

Our Arbitration team

At Trabelsi Loeb Legal Consultants, we strive to minimize the litigation risks by employing innovative solutions to achieve quick and cost-effective results that are always aligned with your business needs – be it through a discrete resolution or a formal victory.