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Trabelsi Loeb Legal Consultants provide this Privacy Policy Notice (“TL Legal Consultants” “Company”, “we” or “us” or “our”), and it is an integral part of our Term of Use of our Website

Trabelsi Loeb Legal Consultants is a legal consultancy firm incorporated in Fujairah Free Zone. TL Legal Consultants is committed to protecting the privacy of the personal information shared with us and the personal information that may be collected or processed in the course of conducting our activities. Your privacy and personal data are critical to us. This Privacy Policy Notice aims to inform you how we handle private information and explains our online data practices by giving an overview of our Website’s information collection methods, data collected and processed. By using this Website, you are consenting on all our Terms of Use and these Private Policy Notice and accepting both our Terms of Use shared in this Website and this Private Policy Notice and any further amendments we may make at our sole desertion and without prior notice. Amendments will reflect on this page. If you do not agree to our Terms of Use and This Private Policy Notice, you are requested to leave this Website. For any clarification or further information, you are requested to contact us at [email protected].

1. Collected Information

a) TL Legal Consultants collect about you, only the information and data you voluntarily share with us or provide us. TL Legal Consultants may automatically collect certain non-personal data, including the domain of your internet service provider, your operating system, and the type of browser you are using, analyzing visitors’ flow using software such as google analytics. However, you are free to opt-out from being tracked by google analytics by visiting the following google support page and taking the necessary action.
b) TL Legal Consultants website will not ask you for your credit cards or bank accounts, and we use only secure payment methods to accept your payment against our services. We define such payment methods upon signing a mutual Letter of Engagement and only after conducting the necessary due diligence as mentioned in the Statement published on this Website and identifying the scope of services to be provided. However, the banking details and credit cards you share directly with us will not be shared with third parties without your prior express written consent unless we are obliged by the law to disclose such data to the competent authority.
c) TL Legal Consultants ask you NOT to disclose any information via or through this Website and NOT to disclose any confidential information via any other means of communication unless it is agreed upon under a Letter of Engagement or an express written notice via our official e-mail. Confidential information includes but is not limited to technical, technological, financial, organizational information, know-how, operational, commercial information as well as any third party’s information and business secrets, under the UAE Law if such information has not been disclosed to the public and towards which you/ your entity or the said third parties had undertaken necessary actions to keep it secret; your trade secret including but not limited to your legal, financial and organizational, commercial, operational, technological, and technical information. Confidential Information also includes any correspondence between you and any other Third Party or between any parties, regardless of the contents of such correspondence. TL Legal Consultants will not be liable or responsible for any disclosure before establishing the legal relationship under the Letter of Engagement Contract. Thus, you are solely responsible and liable for such disclosure. TL Legal Consultants Website does not collect sensitive personal data, and you are required to not share such data on this website or any other means of communication unless it is done expressly in writing via our official e-mail.

2. Cookies

HTTP Cookies or Cookies are a set of small text strings that are placed on your device by the website you visit and vary from a website to another. The Cookies used by the TL Legal Consultants Website are necessary Cookies to help make this website usable, and this Website cannot function properly without these Cookies. Our Website uses Cookies that are able to provide us with information about how users interact with this Website. A Website in-memory Cookie or transient Cookie, also known as a user’s session Cookie, exists in temporary memory only when the user is navigating this Website or reading the content shared on this Website. A session Cookie is created when a validity interval or expiry date is not created at the Cookie’s creation time. Usually, browsers delete the session Cookies when the user closes the browser. The Cookies used throughout this Website are used to improve this Website, and the data collected is done to have the general information, such as Internet Protocol and browser information, also collected to have statistical indicators related to statistics, including the number of visitors or users, frequent visits, most visited pages.

3. Links to Other Sites

This Website may include, publish or share links to other third parties’ websites, applications, portals for your convenience only as per the Term of Use of this Website. Those websites, applications, or platforms have their own Privacy Policies, and TL Legal Consultants will not and cannot be responsible or held liable for any of their privacy practices. We do not endorse or approve the information shared on those websites, platforms, or applications, we do not guarantee their best practices when it comes to their data policies, and we do not monitor or assess their compliance with any of the applicable laws related to the privacy laws across the jurisdictions.

4. Your Rights

Trabelsi Loeb Legal Consultants will keep striving to protect personal data and take the necessary action not to allow sensitive data collection and comply with the laws across the various jurisdictions, including the European Data Privacy Laws.
We, therefore, give you a choice to subscribe to our website, opt-out from doing so, or unsubscribe any time you decide to do so. You have the right also to find if we have any data about you or your entity. To find out, you can send us a direct e-mail to [email protected] or fill the form shared on this Website.

Published on 26/11/2021