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Headquartered in the UAE, Trabelsi Loeb Legal Consultants
is serving a variety of business sectors across international jurisdictions.

Modern problems require modern solutions

At Trabelsi Loeb Legal Consultants, our visionary team of multidisciplinary advisors is deeply committed towards delivering innovative legal solutions enabled by next-generation technologies.


Our vision is to be a leading international legal consultancy firm that provides innovative legal solutions to clients in diverse sectors globally.


Change clients circumstances by providing legal solutions and strategic guidance to endure the revolutionary global changes. 

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We believe in crafting ingenious legal and business solutions.

As a pioneering international legal consultancy, we believe in crafting ingenious legal and business solutions through which we provide consistent results amidst an ever-changing landscape in the digital era.



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Our non-traditional approach

Our non-traditional approach means that your objectives define our ambitions. Working with private and corporate clients across the world, we employ innovative thinking, complex problem solving, and effective time management that allow us to be the most preferred partner in the face of legal complexities.


Our whole venture pivots around the set of core values that are echoed in our services.


With a focus on contributing towards the greater good of society, Trabelsi Loeb Legal Consultants continually undertakes its social responsibility toward the community by volunteering to ensure justice and equity.

Backed by the multitude of experience held by our team of legal advisors, we are committed to offering pro bono legal services to those who lack the resources to afford well-informed legal counsel.

We understand the impact of doing good in uplifting those who seek help. As a result, we consistently strive to offer our legal aid as an act of volunteering to help individuals who meet the legal aid criteria.

Our team has decades of experience in the legal consultancy and dispute resolution.

malak trabelsi - legal consultant

About CEO

Malak Trabelsi Loeb

Malak Trabelsi Loeb (Ph.D. Candidate) is the Founding CEO of Trabelsi Loeb Legal Consultants and Vernewell, Space and Tech.

She is an International Business Law and International Space Law and Space Policies Senior Legal Consultant with ten years of experience in the legal field, more than fifteen years in international business, and extensive knowledge of disruptive technologies and the latest economic trends.

" Traditional skills, based on legal knowledge, negotiation, problem-solving, analytics, management, and communication have to combine non-traditional skills based on innovation, system thinking, people's skills, cross-collaboration, complex problems solving, multidisciplinary knowledge, and technologies, through leadership, to face the ever-changing legal challenges."

Malak Trabelsi Loeb

CEO Trabelsi Loeb Legal Consultants